API PRO for the food & pharmaceutical industry

High quality level and safety

The food and pharmaceutical industry have high demands and regulations to follow to ensure high quality and to be audit compliant.

Food and pharma

These industries have high demands and regulations to follow to ensure that the product manufactured is of the highest quality. Maintaining high quality level and safety during all phases of manufacturing is a necessity. The API PRO maintenance software provides users with the tools needed to secure this quality.

It is often a requirement to be able to document changes made to the production equipment. It is also necessary to keep track of maintenance procedures on how often they have been executed and whether or not any changes have been made. These requirements are specified by the Ame­rican Food and Drug Administration (FDA). API PRO provides features such as change logging, calibration, digital signature, and document handling. These features are important and necessary in a maintenance system operating in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The API PRO Change Logging Module has been developed in close cooperation with API PRO customers who need to pass the requirements of FDA.

Audit compliance
Managing critical assets has become continually more complex. Keeping up high standards of BRC and customer accreditation is essential in maintaining credibility. As legislation increases, so do companies’ accountability for health and safety. Accurate records of main­tenance activities, backed with correct procedures are essential and provided with API PRO.

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