API PRO for the manufacturing and process industry

Efficient utilization of the production equipment

Efficiency in the production is a key parameter to manufacturing and process industries. The requirements for productivity are considerable.

ManufacturingHigh quality products require a controlled manufacturing process. API PRO is the optimal system for organizing maintenance management in a way that secures consistent product quality and a minimum of downtime.

The focus is on keeping unplanned maintenance stops to a minimum in order to optimize the production. Effective spare part management and quick access to machine documentation contribute to keeping down time as short as possible.

API PRO offers a powerful and flexible planning functionality that helps utilizing the production stops effectively with planned maintenance activities.

API PRO also helps keeping focus on the machines that causes the biggest problems. The analytics module, and the dashboard for key performance indicators present a clear picture of where to proceed with the process of continuous improvement.

API PRO supports all of the activities necessary for an effective maintenance organization and integrates seamlessly with the company’s ERP system.

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