API PRO for power & utility plants

Protect valuable facilities and equipment

Preventive maintenance: The power and utility industry is performance driven. Efficiency and reliability is essential.

Preventive maintenanceWhen it comes to preventive maintenance it is vital that all procedures are run systematically with clockwork precision. Asset information has to be managed in detail, both to support material management and as the basis for forward planning during major overhauls.

The Power and utility industries have special characteristics. They need to maximize availability and output in order to avoid a power shut down or black out. There are severe consequences that can arise if a breakdown happens.

In an industry where maximized availability, reliability and trustworthiness are crucial factors to stay competitive, it is important that key performance indicators (KPI) are kept under supervision and a dashboard is provided. The dashboard is where the key performance indicators of the plant can easily be kept under supervision. It is possible to make corrective decisions faster and more accurately with the starting point indicated on the dashboard.

The API PRO shift log book and permit to work modules are developed in close cooperation with our current customers in the power and utility sector. Interfacing to existing ERP and control systems, handling of user rights and graphical navigation are important features in a maintenance system operating at power and utility plants to secure a smooth, efficient and reliable maintenance of the assets as well as operation without unplanned interruptions.

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