Monitor OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) – lay the foundation for efficient production

AXXOS Analyze is a tool for easy and clear visualization and analysis of the collected production data from AXXOS OEE. It is an easy-to-use interactive tool that has many advantages compared to conventional reports.

Makes your detective work easier

  • Clear graphical presentation of production data
  • Interactive analysis of individual machines or the entire factory
  • Quick overviews and access to details for large amounts of data
  • User friendly – very easy to get started
  • Clickable reports
  • Save or print specific searches
  • Easy export to Excel
  • Remember and share data views with bookmarks

The toolset for your analysis

AXXOS Analyze has an intuitive graphical user interface. It´s easy to summarize and drill down to interesting information by just clicking in the tables or graphs. Go from company group or factory level down to individual machines, articles or orders and back, in no time.

The powerful set of analysis tools are grouped in the following focus areas for the users convenience: (click to view examples)

  • Company Group Overview
  • OEE Overview
  • Availability Analysis
  • Downtime Type Analysis
  • Production Analysis
  • Article and Order Analysis
  • Quality Analysis
  • Setup Analysis
  • Speed Analysis
  • Machine Report
  • Value Flow Analysis
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Loss Cost Analysis
  • Maintenance Analysis

Current information without detours

AXXOS Analyze is quick and very easy to use. Work intuitively with your information.

With AXXOS Analyze you don´t need to know exactly what, or how many questions you want to ask, to begin analyzing your information. The possibilities are endless, you can add filters to only show information about the night shift, a certain order, a department in the factory or the stops you are interested in. Why not combine the search with several different parameters by clicking directly in the graphs? The charts presented are clickable and if you want to drill down further, just click on an area in the graph and AXXOS Analyze will rework all graphs to visualize your search. All searches are run from computer memory, which means that all graphs and tables are updated quickly in real time.

Interactive analysis
What used to take several separate reports to analyze now only takes a few mouse clicks, the procedure is simple, click your way through the different graphs until you are satisfied. Use AXXOS Analyze to spot trends – for example, if you see the availability on a machine varies greatly during a month between the morning shift and afternoon shift, you can analyze this further and find out the underlying problem. For example, it could be because the afternoon shift often have material shortages, which in this case is a downtime type that has a great potential for improvement.

Frequent questions about AXXOS Analyze

Are there any hardware requirements?

  • No, AXXOS Analyze is web based and requires no special hardware to run.

Does AXXOS Analyze run on smartphones and tablets?

  • Yes, the usual smartphones and tablets are supported.

Is AXXOS Analyze included in AXXOS OEE?

  • No, AXXOS Analyze is an option and is not included in AXXOS OEE.