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Value Driven Maintenance with API PRO Analytics

There is an increasing focus on improving maintenance operations by increasing equipment availability, improving utilization of assets and reducing maintenance costs. API PRO Analytics is a business intelligence module with comprehensive KPI analysis. It serves as a tool for continuous improvement of maintenance operations.

Open and Flexible Business Intelligence Solution

API PRO Analytics is an add-on module to API PRO with additional flexibility and integration possibilities:

  • Integration with existing data warehouse solutions
  • Combine maintenance KPIs with financial data from ERP systems
  • Support OpenEdge Progress, MSSQL, Oracle and XML
  • Predefined analysis in QlikView
  • Export to excel, csv, clipboard and image files
  • Multi-user web-access to QlikView analysis
  • Drill-down to see details of individual transactions

Calculated Maintenance KPIs

analyticsAPI PRO Analytics use the registered data in API PRO to calculate essential technical, economical and organizational performance indicators that can be analyzed in multiple dimensions. The KPI data is stored in an open InfoCube database and is accessible for further analysis and reporting.

Create your own reports using your favorite tool or use the build-in KPI analysis:

  • Work order time and cost analysis
  • Plan-Done analysis
  • Mean time between failure analysis
  • Error code analysis
  • Stock value change over time
  • Supplier and spare part cost analysis
  • Purchase and delivery analysis

Dynamic Analysis Based on QlikView

API PRO Analytics reports are based on QlikView and provide the user with flexible tools for creating customized reports and analysis in addition to the many pre-defined analysis that are included with the module.

The various KPIs can be analyzed and grouped by job type, work supplier, site, project, cost types, etc. All values can also be grouped by time periods such as year, quarter and month for visualizing trends within a given time span. Drill-down to see details and individual transactions behind the trends.

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