Manufacturing industry

API PRO specially designed for the manufacturing and process industries

Customers of today demand high-quality products. This requires a high-class production where no circumstances may impact the production and thereby the result. API PRO can be used, independent of manufacturing area, to organize the maintenance management and to optimize the production and minimize the down-time.
In Manufacturing the focus is on keeping Unplanned Corrective Maintenance to a minimum in order to optimize the production and production time available. Spare part handling also for Unplanned Corrective Maintenance therefore becomes an important issue to keep the repair time minimized. API PRO provides you with the tools needed to identify the ineffectiveness and to rapidly solve them when discovered.
A manufacturer’s goal is to produce the amount of the product that complies to the demands of the customers. This is to be done in a manner that is efficient and cost effective. API PRO offers powerful and flexible planning functionality which will support you in accomplishing this goal. With help of the Analysis functionality provided, the maintenance activities and Key Performance Indicators can be kept under surveillance in a further step to optimizing the production.
API PRO supports all the activities necessary for an effective Maintenance Organization, providing everything from Planning tools and Spare part/Stock handling to Work order handling (planning, execution, feedback and history tracking) and Purchase Management.



Accumulated Fix Package B for API PRO 8 released

New feature - Multilingual Data.
New language - Lithuanian.

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New API PRO Analytics module

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