Port and port operators

API PRO specially designed for ports and port operators

The equipment used at ports easily falls under the category 'high-value capital assets'. API PRO is used to maintain this type of capital assets and enables the possibility to develop the full handling potential of the port and its equipment.
Maintaining a port is a demanding and difficult task, not the least due to the large geographical area the port often covers. All over the large work place, equipment needs to be maintained and tasks of different kinds are performed. There is always a large work load on big ports. If equipment is taken out of operation it doesn’t take long until the pressure of the work load quickly rises. API PRO provides you with the right tools to be able to control and optimize the productivity and by this lowering the down time.

When working at a port it can be difficult to gain an overview of the total work area. The Graphical Navigator in API PRO is the solution to this problem. In a simple and uncomplicated way you can access the whole equipment structure. With the Graphical Navigator you create a digital map/picture of the area which will assist you in your daily work. With the Graphical Navigator you can easily access information on different detailed levels, just by a few clicks on the map/picture. Each new click gives you access to a new level of information. As an example you can both obtain a map of the complete area, which gives you the big picture, and at the same time use the same program to create a work order for a specific object.
Furthermore, modules like Stock control and Purchase management are of great use to port industries. Stock control data is the information needed to tell API PRO which parts are located in which stock locations. Furthermore the stock control data allows you to control stock quantities and do automatic reordering etc. By integrating the Stock control module and the Purchase Management module you will at any time have access to fully updated information about stock levels, material availability, expected delivery dates for ordered parts and committed costs on projects.


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