Power and utility sector

API PRO specially designed for the power and utility sector

The power and utilitiy sector is one of the many industries where customers enjoy the benefits of an industry tailored implementation of API PRO. The special characteristics of the power and utility industries are the need to maximize availability and output as a power plant should never go down. This is due to the severe consequences of a breakdown to the rest of the society, either through loss of power/electricity/heat or even worse, safety consequences of the breakdown such as fires, pollution or other environmental risks. 

In an industry, where maximized availability, reliability and trustworthiness are crucial factors to stay competitive, it is important that Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in an easy way can be kept under supervision. Furthermore a Dashboard is provided where the Key Performance Indicators of the company easily can be kept under supervision. With a starting point in the statuses indicated on the Dashboard, it is possible to make corrective decisions faster and more accurately.


Go Mobile with API PRO

New API PRO online/offline app.
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API PRO 8 Accumulated Fix Pack C released

Extended multilingual functionality for eCl@ss classification, improved PDA based stock inventory.
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New partner Sigma

Sigma and API establish cooperation regarding Maintenance Systems
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API - Best IT Company in Denmark

Computerworld graced API with the title of Best IT Company of the year in Denmark.

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