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Sigma and API Establishes Cooperation regarding Maintenance Systems

Two leading players within maintenance systems for asset intensive industries have chosen to cooperate in order to create more complete end-to-end solutions based on API’s standard software and Sigma’s comprehensive range of services.

The market for maintenance systems is both growing and changing. Growing because many industries still have large potential for increasing their plant availability and for making the maintenance work more effective. But the market is also changing in the sense that new technology opens up new possibilities, e.g. that machines ”notify you” when maintenance is required. With a combination of Sigma’s

extensive experience as maintenance & IT consultants and API’s leading technology platform the market can get the new end-to-end solutions it demands.

Larger Supply of Optimal Maintenance Processes

Hans Hellström, Sigma IT & Management says - ”Sigma has worked with industrial maintenance systems since the middle of the nineties and is today the largest independent consulting company in Sweden regarding Maximo. At the same time we strive to have a thorough knowledge of the maintenance process itself and to be able to offer system solutions that supports the process in the most optimal way meeting each customer’s specific requisites. With API PRO we get a wider range of services that suits more customers.”

Higher Service Degree Gives Larger Opportunities


Patrik Haldén at API says – ”API has been very successful. Within the last 18 months alone 100 companies have chosen our system. In Sweden we have so far handled our customers ourselves. However, in order to be able to offer a higher degree of service to our customers, a cooperation with a business partner will be highly beneficial. Sigma has the industry expertise we require together with a wide range of other IT services. This enables us to take on larger commitments together."


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