Upgrade to API PRO 9

Upgrade your API PRO 8 to API PRO 9 and get the Visual Planning Module for half the price until October 1st 2017.

API Maintenance Systems released API PRO 9 in the beginning of the year. The new version of API PRO includes various advanced features that will improve the handling of your maintenance management.

Key features in API PRO 9:

Visual Planning

The improved planning features makes it easier to plan preventive and corrective work on groups or individuals in a user-friendly way. The Visual Planning module provides an easy overview of the work load, the available resources and the used capacity all in one screen.

Multiple Plants in same database
The new architecture now supports multiple plants with financial transactions in different currencies, maintenance work in different time-zones, and data in multiple languages. All in the same database, which makes it possible to share spare parts and other common data among the plants. With API PRO 9 the various system options can be configured globally, per plant or per user.

Mobile Maintenance
With the API PRO apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, field workers can perform their maintenance activities online or offline. The apps provide easy access to technical documentation, results in more accurate registration, and facilitates efficient communication with photos and description of work done.

Analytics with QlikView
API PRO Analytics is the tool for organizations with focus on continuous improvement of maintenance operations, equipment availability, utilization of assets and maintenance costs.

The module provides the user with flexible tools for analysis and includes essential technical, economical and organizational performance indicators that can be analyzed in multiple dimensions.

Integration to ERP and technical systems
The Integration module in API PRO 9 includes standard components for flexible integration to ERP systems, configurable import/export via files or web-services, and tools for collecting data from technical equipment to be used for condition monitoring and compliance with Industry 4.0.

API PRO Product Life-Cycle Plan

End of life for mobile PDA products: PDA work order and PDA inspection products are NOT supported from v9.0. On v9.0 the PDA products will be handled as customizations for the customers who use these products. This plan is generated in May 2017 and will change over time.

Level 1: Service packs and accumulated fix packs will be released. Customizations can be developed.

Level 2: Only newest service pack will be supported. No new service packs will be released. Customizations can be developed for newest service pack.

No support: No fix-pack or service pack releases. No new customizations. No direct upgrade tools to newest version (only to next major version).

 * The free upgrade to API PRO 9 does not include free consultant hours.

For further information on or a demonstration of API PRO 9, please book a web-demo or fill out the contact form to let us contact you.