Industry 4.0 – Manage complexity within smart factories

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It has been also called a “smart factory” and it includes Internet of things (IoT) technologies and cloud computing.

By connecting machines, work pieces and systems, we are creating intelligent networks along the entire value chain, that can control each other autonomously. This involves predictive failures and trigger maintenance processes autonomously, or self-organized logistics that could react to unexpected changes in production.

To achieve such level of optimizations, API Maintenance Systems assists and provides customer-specific solutions which fit to the smart factories, and their interconnected sensors and actuators.

Internet of Things (IoT)

API PRO and IoT enhances productivityIn an Industry 4.0 factory, in addition to condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, components and systems are able to gain self-awareness and self-predictiveness.

API PRO can be connected directly to the machines available in the factory, or to different to various IoT devices which can provide data from various sensors, and to name just few: vibration signals, ambient (sound level, light), climate (temperature, humidity) etc.

Using these inputs, API PRO can automatically generate internal tasks for preventive actions, or even trigger alarms for immediate fixes. These triggers for required maintenance at the best possible time allows to reach just-in time maintenance and gain near zero downtime. Furthermore, this ensures the machines’ availability and reliability, both of which are key to the efficiency in the industrial environments.

The constant availability of timely information makes it easier to predict and plan essential maintenance.