API PRO App for IOS and Android

API PRO for mobile, rugged and industrial devices

API PRO can be used on all mobile, rugged and industrial devices using IOS and Android. The app requires API PRO 8 and can be downloaded for free on Apple App Store Store and Google Play.
Mobile-DevicesAPI Maintenance Systems’ API PRO app contains a job monitor and supports feedback on inspections rounds directly in the app.  The app works both offline and online. It provides the possibility to download work orders and inspection activities as well as enabling you to access documentation and register work even when being offline.

Portable rugged tablet computers comes in a variety of qualities and prices and some are especially approved for certain industries. The devices brings the desktop computing to your mobile workforce.

The API PRO app can be used in a variety of industries, such as Pharmaceuticals and Health Care, Logistics and Distribution, Power and Utilities, Food and Beverage and Process Industry.

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