API PRO EAM System is a flexible, modular maintenance system that help you increase performance during production and maintenance.

AXXOS OEE is a standardized production monitoring system that checks the pulse of your production. A combination of monitoring, analysis and visualization puts focus on efficiency and creates a solid foundation for the improvement process.


API – AXXOS offers complete system support for improved efficiency and availability. API PRO EAM System provides an efficient digitalized maintenance process. By monitoring the machines with AXXOS OEE, customers get the information and the tools to facilitate an efficient improvement process. Customers using both systems gain access to effective solutions for error reporting, operator maintenance and quality control, as well as, the ability to work with predictive maintenance.

With our system solutions and experiences, we support our customers’ transition towards Industry 4.0.

API PRO and AXXOS OEE – the complete support for improving productivity from one supplier! We are investing heavily at Underhåll and you will meet us at two booths.


  • Improved mobile app with feedback of inspection and lubrication rounds and access to taking out items from inventory.
  • New module Permit to Work with support for work permits for critical maintenance work.
  • API PRO is now Certified by SAP for integration and API PRO’s maintenance features can easily be combined with asset and finance features in SAP ERP and SAP MM.
  • New Andon module with alerts connected to workstations, TV screens, and mobile devices.
  • Improved support for handling and reporting of operator maintenance as well as quality control performed by operators.
  • In addition, refreshed graphic appearance.


  • Error message in AXXOS OEE creates work order in API PRO
  • Automatic import of measurement values and production time from AXXOS OEE to API PRO
  • Work orders for operator maintenance and quality control are transferred from API PRO to AXXOS OEE


See AXXOS OEE and API PRO and let us tell you how we can help you get more out of your production facility!

Scandinavia’s largest trade fair for production and maintenance is taking place 13-16 March, 2018. The trade fair is a cross-industry meeting place with main focus towards production and maintenance industries. About 300 companies exhibit at Underhåll, with more than 10,000 visitors from a variety of industries. The fair started in 1984 and has evolved over time.


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