API PRO certified as SAP Integration partner

We are excited to announce that our Enterprise Asset Management solution API PRO has been awarded with a SAP integration certification as a result of API PRO’s seamless integration with SAP ERP.

Meeting the business and IT needs of the vast community of SAP customers is a top priority for us as a solutions provider. The advanced and flexible interfacing tools in API PRO enables us and our customers to build their own interfaces to ERP systems.

“API PRO comes with the advantage of a pre-tested and high quality integration solution, including reliable interfaces to SAP. The integration combines the asset and financial data functionality of SAP ERP and SAP MM with the maintenance information management capabilities of API PRO.” Says Michael Stoltenborg, VP Product Management.

We leave it to our customers to decide which business processes of their maintenance management should be handled by API PRO and which should be handled by their ERP system. The business processes to consider here are primarily: material planning, stock control, purchase management,  handling of invoices, and cost information. Our toolbox contains the components necessary to build interfaces for sharing business processes between API PRO and any ERP system.

The standard ERP integration in API PRO brings a close to real-time information exchange in different areas, such as purchase, delivery status and inventory management. API PRO fully supports customer-specific requirements with customized action flows and different data ownerships between ERP and API PRO.

With a seamless automatic data integration between API PRO and ERP the end users can work more efficiently and avoid double entry of data into multiple IT systems.

We have more than 25 year of experience helping customers with SAP integration projects as well as integration to ERP systems from other vendors.

Please visit SAP’s Certified Solutions Directory platform to learn more.



Meet us at South Carolina Automotive Summit





Leading the conversation about the evolving industry among automotive executives and thought leaders is the South Carolina Automotive Summit, the premier automotive conference of the region and one of the most well respected and attended conferences in the Southeast.

What to learn more about how we can help you improve productivity in the Global Automotive Industry?

We are a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most well-known automotive manufactures and subcontractors. Come to South Carolina and learn more about how our software solutions can help your organization achieve more efficient production and to advance towards your future production!

Let us know if you plan to visit, we would be happy to reserve the time to give you a personal demonstration. For booking a meeting please send a note to prs@apipro.com


Where: Hyatt Regency Greenville, South Carolina

When: Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2018


Learn more about the event and register here

ARC reduces costs and empowers digital maintenance with API PRO

ARC, operators of Copenhill / Amager Bakke, Denmark’s largest waste incineration facility reduce costs and increase efficiency by transforming to digital maintenance worksflows with API PRO.

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Industry 4.0 – Beyond the Hype!

It is true that there is a lot of noise and hype around Industry 4.0, but this does not take away from the fact that it is real and inevitable If your organization is not prepared you will be left behind!

Consider for a moment this one statistic, a 10% increase in your OEE will increase profits by more than 20%!

For your organization to benefit from the advances being made in Industry 4.0 you need to have in place an Actionable Business Strategy. One very important key to remember is that Industry 4.0 is not just a technology shift, but a cultural shift for your employees and organization.

There are four essential aspects to designing an executable strategy that can be implemented in your organization.

  • Define the “Real Questions to Answer, such as production volume issues or quality issues and most importantly is the “Why” this is happening.
  • Understand your organizations current state and skill set’s. Do you have the staff and personnel with the capacity to implement and learn any new systems or technologies?
  • Identify and set both short and long-term goals. Your short-term successes will be the building blocks of the foundation for your long-term goals being met.
  • Understand the difference between “What” and “How”. The “What” is the strategy for achieving a goal while the “How” is the implementation that will achieve that goal.

Industry 4.0 is the convergence of many areas and disciplines within an organization including the teams working with Continuous Improvement, Lean, Production and Quality. It is important to have a partnership between these groups to avoid competing for resources. As an example, don’t choose between defect reduction or lean manufacturing, choose both and understand the impact one has on the other.

Let’s look at one area where these groups can come together in an organization, Condition based and Predictive Maintenance of Critical Assets

The data sent from production line or machine sensors deliver up to the minute information into a production monitoring solution such as AXXOS OEE. This collected data allows quality teams and production executives to have full control over and real-time visibility into their manufacturing operations. This visibility offers operational insights that help management identify opportunities to increase output, decrease costs and improve overall quality.

Now really expand the capabilities of production monitoring by integrating your OEE system with your CMMS system such as APIPRO. The integration between OEE and CMMS will enable you to combine condition data from critical equipment with operational data. Thereby you create the the platform for condition based as well as predictive maintenance and can eliminate unplanned downtime that results in lost productivity.

Three key reasons to consider an integrated AXXOS OEE- and APIPRO CMMS systems are;

  • Create the Platform for Continuous Improvement
  • Reduced Downtime with Predictive Maintenance.
  • Eliminate double entry of data.
  • Engaged Employees leading to increased productivity, fewer quality issues and lower employee turnover.
  • Most importantly all areas Production, Quality, Management will have the data to make better decisions in a shorter time frame.

API – AXXOS  brings over twenty years of experience of being a valued trusted partner to some of the largest manufacturers around the globe. The modular approach of each solution along with flexible deployment options means that any budget can be met. Aspects of being a world class solution that AXXOS OEE and API PRO provide include; supporting over 23 languages’, multi-plant, multi-time zone and multi-currencies.

Contact us today to learn how API – AXXOS can be your partner as you embrace Industry 4.0.

API PRO – A powerful solution for modern industry

API PRO is an Enterprise Asset Management system with a focus on flexibility, cost effectiveness and quality. API PRO is specialized and standardized in its functionality, and at the same time designed to integrate to additional business information systems.

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SMASh – API in new Chalmers project

Swedish companies want and need to get better at Smart Maintenance. At Chalmers a project is being launched to develop a benchmarking tool for Smart Maintenance within and between companies. SMASh is a collaboration between service providers and academic partners and API Maintenance is one of the participating companies.

Read more about the SMASh project here

Award – Outstanding EAM Supplier in China 2016


API China - Outstanding EAM Supplier 2016March 2017 – API China has been awarded as “Outstanding Supplier of Enterprise Asset Management 2016 in China” at the 6th Informatization and Industrialization Integrative Development Summit Forum in Beijing, China. The summit was sponsored by e-works global, and the theme was integration of internet in the manufacturing industry.

At the summit representatives from API Maintenance Systems analyzed EAM technologies and products with other best-in-class providers in the industry and shared experiences on cases and implementation strategies seen from a multi-perspective point of view.

Volvo Cars installs AXXOS OEE in new factory

AXXOS – member of the API Maintenance Systems Group – signed an agreement with Volvo Cars (Volvo) for the implementation of the production monitoring system, AXXOS OEE in Volvo’s new production facility located in Torslanda, Sweden. The agreement include networked production monitoring with about 400 production units and is currently the single largest order recorded for AXXOS.

Volvo selected AXXOS OEE after careful evaluation of seven competing systems and after a successful pilot installation within a focused area of the factory.

”Compared to the other systems we reviewed, AXXOS OEE offer a more complete solution for our requirements of built-in functionality that gives us “best practice”. We want to spend our time on improvements within our production, not to specify and develop IT solutions”, says Agron Basha, Business Project Leader, VOLVO CAR CORPORATION.

”AXXOS OEE will show us in black and white where we have problems and identify what they are, this in turn will help us set priorities. We will be able to collect data to facilitate decision making on which direction to work towards and where we get the most out of our investment”, continues Agron Basha.

The top modern Volvo factory in Torslanda manufactures the new XC90 model.The top modern factory in Torslanda manufactures the new XC90 model.

“The new XC90 is a market success and Volvo is using almost all available time to manufacture cars. AXXOS OEE will become an important tool in Volvo’s improvement strategy and will be able to identify, and map bottlenecks early”, says Johan Junvik, Key Account Manager, AXXOS Industrial Systems.

The agreement includes AXXOS OEE and AXXOS Analyze that makes it quick and easy to analyze collected information to identify improvement potentials within the organization. AXXOS OEE Mobile allow Volvo’s employees access to the production monitoring system directly on their mobile phones or tablets.

About AXXOS Industrial Systems
AXXOS has delivered systems for production monitoring, AXXOS OEE for almost 20 years. We help our customers streamline their production by packaging our experience in OEE-systems, LEAN-training and coaching in improvement. AXXOS is part of the API Group, supplying software for reliable and efficient production to 900 customers in 50 countries.

AXXOS OEE measures important KPI’s like the OEE value, set-up times, cycle times etc. AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to show the current production situation in real time. With the help of AXXOS Analyze it is quick and easy to analyze collected data to see the potential for improvement in operations.

Press images in Volvo Cars Newsroom