Check the pulse of your production with AXXOS OEE

Monitor, analyze and visualize with AXXOS OEE to get the full picture of how effectively your production is running – and a solid foundation for improvements!

AXXOS OEE is a software solution with a strong focus on production monitoring and optimization. The application works well standalone in all different manufacturing industry areas. AXXOS OEE is also a top of the line shop floor component that smoothly integrates into MES solutions.

Build the foundation for improvements

AXXOS OEE gives you access to detailed information so that you can identify the sources of losses and potential improvements in production. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key performance indicator that describes how efficiently machines are operating, and helps to locate any bottlenecks. OEE measurement provides the foundations for setting up targets and measuring the results of daily improvement activities.

– We already knew that some of our machines had stoppages, but not why. With the help of AXXOS OEE we have reduced downtime by just over 50%, Jens Krisat, Quality Manager at Seco Tools.

AXXOS OEE is a tool for day-to-day production monitoring that can help your company improve continuously. It makes gathering and presenting information quick, easy and convenient. AXXOS OEE lets you check critical information, such as machine availability, OEE value per machine, part or order, and the most common causes of stoppages. The system gives you a solid basis for decisions that shows in black and white what action you need to take and where. AXXOS OEE rapidly alerts you about problems, efficiently documents losses and lets you quickly analyze causes and effects. The time you save gives you more opportunities for active improvement.

Monitor, Visualize, Analyze and Improve


Collect data
AXXOS OEE automatically collects data about down times and cycle times.


Enter the downtime cause types and scrap causes, register items and orders on / off.


Present of OEE-value, MTBF, MTTR, downtimes, etc.


Visualize your production status in real time with AXXOS Visualize.


Drill-down and analyze your manufacturing data quick and easy with AXXOS Analyze and use your time on value-adding improvement work.


AXXOS OEE smoothly integrates with surrounding business-, manufacturing- and maintenance systems, to eliminate the need for re-entry of data and to get full control over your production data.


Get easy access to information for your improvement process and for decision-making in reports, factory overview and AXXOS Analyze.

AXXOS Analyze

AXXOS Analyze is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for analysis of production information. With a few clicks you can scrutinize everything from the overall information for the whole production to detailed information at department-, machine-, order-, or part level.

AXXOS Analyze has an intuitive graphical user interface. It´s easy to summarize and drill down to interesting information by just clicking in the tables or graphs. Go from company group or factory level down to individual machines, articles or orders and back, in no time.

AXXOS Analyze is quick and very easy to use. What used to take several separate reports to analyze now only takes a few mouse clicks. The procedure is simple, click your way through the different graphs until you are satisfied. Use AXXOS Analyze to get overviews, find the details you are most interested in and to spot trends.

AXXOS Visualize

AXXOS Visualize gives you the production status in real time. Follow the current situation on large displays in the factory, at workstations or from mobile clients. Increased awareness will let you focus more on productivity and improvement activities.

With AXXOS Visualize operating status is made visible with the help of colors, numbers, symbols and images. Since you will choose the key figures that you want to use yourself, you get a system that is totally tailored to your needs.

Select the key figures that you want to visualize such as number of units, hourly rate, and current availability or OEE values for a particular machines, orders, and items. All information is presented graphically, and you can choose what you want to show.

AXXOS Visualize

AXXOS Mobile

AXXOS OEE Mobile puts the factory at your fingertips. The app combines feedback on production status, detailed information on production problems and easy reporting. AXXOS OEE Mobile enables a natural, modern way of working that frees up resources and lets you focus on the improvement work.

AXXOS OEE Mobile maximizes your opportunities to focus on vital improvement work. Quick and simple reporting leads to better quality of decision data. A larger number of co-workers with the possibility to follow the production status from their mobile devices, leads to an increased focus on the improvement process and to a higher degree of involvement. A good start on the journey towards continuously improving efficiency.

Get the Data for Sound Decisions

AXXOS OEE continuously gathers data directly from the machines. Operators and supervisors can report the reasons for any disturbance and thus build a database that reveals how the well the production is running and why. Data is easily collected from the machines with PLCs or OPC connections.

Automatic gathering of production data and one-click reporting frees up time to let the operators focus on improvement. Clear visualization and solid data for decision making lays the foundation for effective and well planned improvement activities.

Benefits of AXXOS OEE
  • Automatically gather information about stoppages and cycle times.
  • Specify reasons for stoppages and rejects, sign parts and orders in/out.
  • Display OEE value, MTBF, MTTR, set-up times, etc.
  • Visualize production in real time with AXXOS Visualize.
  • Analyze production data quickly and easily with AXXOS Analyze, so that you can focus on improvement.
  • Avoid double reporting; AXXOS OEE is already integrated with many ERP/MPS systems.
  • Get decision support from reports, factory overviews and AXXOS Analyze.
  • Choose your platform: touch screen or office computers, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Use notifications to get alerts about disruptions.
  • Manage and report operator maintenance based on schedules or operational data.