API PRO for Ports and Port Operators

Keep up the full handling capacity

API PRO ensures maintenance of high-value capital assets which secures the full handling potential of the port and its equipment.


Maintaining a port is a highly demanding and difficult process. When equipment fails to operate properly, bottle necks immediately start to occur. API PRO provides the tools to be able to control and optimize the productivity by lowering the down time through effective preventive maintenance management.

Effective preventive and predictive maintenance is essential, but also the availability of spare parts and new or refurbished components is a major key to high productivity. API PRO optimizes the purchasing process and even handles the internal sourcing of components which optimizes delivery time and reduces the total cost of stock items. API PRO provides access to fully updated in­for­ma­tion about stock levels, material availability, expected delivery dates for ordered parts and committed costs any time.

The API PRO Graphical Navigator is the perfect tool to gain overview of the total work area. In a simple and uncomplicated way, users can access the entire equipment structure. By using a digital map of the plant, users get easy access to all kinds of equipment information just by a few clicks on the map. The Graphical Navigator can also be used as an error reporting tool.

International operators need to be able to standardize classification of material and to structure information about these. API PRO supports existing classification systems such as E-class.

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