API Maintenance Systems offers various consultancy services in order to secure that our customers achieve as many benefits as possible from their API PRO system. Our professional consultants offer the following services:

  • Maintenance consultancy
  • Customization
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Validation
  • User training and Academy
  • WEB hosting
  • SaaS

System implementation

The implementation of a computerized maintenance management system requires a strong focus in order to be successful. API Maintenance Systems can offer you the required guidance in order to secure successful implementation.

Project planning & management

Detailed project preparation and planning is essential for successful finalizing of a project. In the planning phase, the implementation steps and milestones will be discussed and agreed upon with the customer.

In a kick-off meeting, a project team will be assigned. A project team will be formed in a kick-off meeting, and by working together with the customer’s project manager, the tasks, work flows and necessary resources will be assigned. Furthermore, possible risks and problems will be identified and target goals will be defined.

By the end of the kick-off meeting, a common project plan, including the individual targets and priorities of the customer, will be created.

Project support

The extent of API’s support – starting from the kick-off meeting and ending in a successful finalization of the project (Go live) – depends on the planned targets and the need and request for contribution.

We offer project support for the entire implementation process:

  • Defining work flows together with the customer
  • Importing existing data
  • Configuration of API PRO (parameters, screen design, user roles, etc.)
  • Design of print-outs and individual reports
  • Finding solutions for questions and problems
  • Maintaining an active role in project meetings and project management discussion.


The installation of API PRO is performed in close cooperation with the customer on site. API PRO is based on a thin-client-architecture enabling you to choose between several database platforms and configuration possibilities. The installation includes the standard configuration, which during the implementation process can be optimized and adapted to the meet customer’s needs.

Data migration

The import of existing basic data and dynamic data is another milestone in the implementation of API PRO. The data migration process transfers the complete asset structure to a hierarchical tree structure of positions and maintenance objects. This creates the basis for the later maintenance work flows.

Interface to ERP / control systems

Integrating the system with the existing IT environment can often create a strategic advantage for our customers. This could be the integration with an existing ERP system like SAP or the interfacing to a control or visualizing system like WinCC or PCS 7.

User training

During a new implementation project, we offer individual training courses for the main user of the new system. This is often a combination of workshops and training. By following a two-step process, first the workflow for handling unplanned machine stops (in the form of job requests) is defined. Second, the user learns the workflow by using concrete, practical examples to train with.

Our API PRO Academy provides standard training courses for the different user groups in every company. The Academy training courses are tailored to certain API PRO experiences (Level 1 to 3) and to the role of the user.

Learn more about the API PRO Academy here


During the testing phase, the defined workflows are tested by the different user groups. The testing helps to solve smaller problems and to complete the final configurations. It ends in a “user acceptance test.”  For this purpose, API evolves “check lists” to meet the needs of the user groups in order to ensure that the test properly meets the user level. After the test, users will be highly familiar with his/her functions in API PRO.

System configuration

The configuration of API PRO includes the following 4 main aspects:

  • Structure around access rights for varying users and user groups based on definition of roles
  • Screen layout when using the different API programs
  • Configuration and parameter settings for the used modules
  • Approval process

Print outs

API PRO provides the user with a variety of templates for reports and printouts on the basis of Crystal Reports.

An example for a printout is the job card, where all necessary information for a work order is visible. If you have a Crystal Reports Developer license, you can adjust these reports to meet the specific needs of your company or a special department.

Go Live

When all stages of the implementation project are finished the daily work with the API PRO system should start. The several predefined work flows will go live one by one in cooperation with the customer and according to the project plan. Naturally, we offer complete support in this very important phase of the implementation process.