API 301 – Maintenance 3 – Advanced:

Course ID: API301

Course length: 3 days

API PRO Academy level: 3

Modules included: 2.1 Asset Information

  • 2.2 Maintenance management
  • 3.17 Messaging
  • 3.19 Advanced planning module
  • 3.21 KPI module

Prerequisites: Basicknowledge of Windows

API101: API PRO Basic functions
API102: API PRO Maintenance 1 – Overview
API201: API PRO Maintenance 2 – Detailed

Intended audience: Maintenance supervisors and other personnel responsible for planning and coordination.
Course Description: This course covers the rationale for the importance of true maintenance planning and its key benefits. Trainees receive practical exercises in job planning including applying maintenance assessment processes and timelines. Also, they learn to differentiate between reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance. Different tools for analysis will be shown, like Fault analysis, work statistics, the KPI module. The trainees will learn how to use the advanced planning module with possibility to optimize the resource allocation for planning purposes.

Expected Outcome: Trainees walk away as maintenance experts. They know everything worth to know when it comes to use API PRO maintenance system for maintenance. They are experts in analyzing the statistics in API PRO and know how to optimize resources for maintenance planning.

Format: The course is a combination of instructor-led and hands-on exercises to maximize the learning outcome.