API 102 – Maintenance 1:

Course ID: API102

Course length:  1 day (Max. 10 participants)

API PRO Academy level: 1

Modules included:

2.2 Maintenance/Workorders


Basic knowledge of Windows
API101: API PRO Basics

Intended audience:

Those individuals responsible for operating or maintaining equipment planning.

Course Description:

The API PRO Maintenance Overview course provides participants with an understanding of the Work Order module and the basic building blocks involved in the management of maintenance work system. Focus on the following functions:

·         Purpose with maintenance management

·         The maintenance process in a maintenance system

·         Different ways of creating work orders

·         Feedback of work orders

·         Planning of work orders

·         Preventive maintenance

·         Job order history

·         Job ordering (Work Request)

·         The job monitor

·         Start/feedback of jobs from the job monitor

Expected Outcome:

The aim of the course is to give the participants a knowledge of the basic functions in the maintenance modules by means of live demo and exercises so that they will be able to carry out the basic tasks for both work order and inspections and to activate analysis possibilities in these.


The course is a combination of instructor-led and hands-on exercises to maximize the learning outcome.