The solution

API PRO – Broad functionality & Simplicity of use

The API PRO Enterprise Asset Management Software system offers a fully scalable, modular solution that grows with the needs of your organization. This makes our system the most flexible EAM system on the market today. Not only can our system be customized to enhance user friendliness, it is designed to share business processes with ERP systems as well.

API PRO EAM system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization, ranking from a few users to several hundred individuals located within or across borders. Through pure system configuration, you are in control of what is displayed to your different user types, making the daily use of API PRO simple, graspable and flexible.

API PRO supports your need for KPIs, allowing you to drill down to the reasons behind any reliability problems in your plant. Giving you the option to filter on all relevant KPIs, API PRO EAM provides you with a full overview of what is running smoothly in your plant and what needs some extra attention, whenever you need it.

API PRO - Asset Information Management

EAM for international groups

API PRO is designed to fulfill the requirements of international companies with plants in multiple time zones, language zones and currency areas. Common data, for example spare part data, can be shared and individual data, like maintenance history and costs, can be consolidated and compared.

API PRO is available in 21 languages.

The flexibility of the API PRO system allows you to handle any size of plant or organization in any kind of industry. No matter how big your plant, API PRO offers you unique tools for quick information access.

API PRO can be installed and administrated locally at your company location or it can be installed in the Cloud and used as Software as a Service.

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API-PRO - On Premise or On Cloud Installation

The visual EAM system

API PRO is known for its intuitive and configurable user interface. API PRO’s customization feature allows users to create custom screen-design interfaces with multiple fields. The flexible user management system combined with the custom screen-designer makes it possible to create an individualized user experience for each and every user or user group.

Receiving an overview of your assets in API PRO software is easy. All information is readily available with a few clicks when you use Plant Explorer, the Graphical Navigator or the Dashboard.