Key Features

In addition to the basic core functions in the API PRO Enterprise Asset Management system, you can add several other functions which allow you to customize API PRO to fit your individual demands.

Select between four standard packages or choose only the specific modules needed in your organization:
API PRO - 4 Standard packages

Maintenance Management

Feature Description Require modules
Preventive maintenance Schedule timer-based or counter-based periodic work orders Work order management
Corrective maintenance Create and manage planned and unplanned work orders Work order management
Condition based maintenance Work orders based on automatic or manual registration of equipment conditions Work order management
Job ordering Ease access to creation of job requests Work order management
Work order templates Generate work orders from templates Work order management
Work instructions Step-by-step descriptions on how to perform maintenance work Work order management
Resource planning Plan specific work suppliers for specific parts of work order. Plan non-human resources such as trucks or tools. Work order management
Time registration Track all time and cost used for maintenance work Work order management
Visual planning Graphical overview of pending work orders, available resources and work capacity Visual planning
Incident reporting Register events or incidents as notifications which can later be added to work orders Notifications or Shift log book
Shift log book Manage shift responsibility and register events during shift Shift log book
Inspection rounds Combine inspection, lubrication or measurement activities into inspection rounds Inspection Rounds
Project management Track maintenance projects with detailed budgeting and forecasting functionality Projects
Calibration Periodic calibration of maintenance objects and control equipment Calibration
Customer invoice Create invoices for work completed for your customers Service
Skills and qualification management Ensure that the maintenance work is performed by people with the right qualifications. Keep track of the skills and training certificates of your work suppliers. Work order management
Mobile work order management Register maintenance work everywhere using your smartphone – even when without a network connection Mobile
Mobile inspection rounds Register inspection activities everywhere using your smartphone – even when without a network connection Mobile
Permit to work Administration and approval of work permits for critical maintenance work. Including isolation and normalization activities (lock out and tag out) Permit to work

Material Management

Feature Description Require modules
Stock control Complete stock control system for spare parts Stock control
Barcoding Create barcode labels for equipment, spares, work suppliers, etc. and use barcode reading for reliable data entry. Barcode
eCl@ss spare part classification Implement a standard classification system and improve your material management. Stock control
Spare part reservation Reserve spare parts for work orders Stock control
Internal purchase requests Create request for purchase of spare parts or services Purchase management
Accumulation of purchase needs Easy overview of purchase requests and stock items below minimum. Purchase management
Purchase orders Manage and print purchase orders from API PRO and purchase directly from work orders or projects. Purchase management
Supplier agreements Manage agreements with details about discount and delivery times. Purchase management
Supplier catalogs Import spare part catalogs from suppliers and create purchase orders directly from catalogs. Purchase management
Web shop purchasing API PRO support punch-out technology and enables you to create purchase orders directly from your suppliers web-shop Purchase management
Delivery registration Follow up on ordered items and register goods delivered. Purchase management
Invoice registration Register invoices and automatically modify spare part prices Purchase management
Mobile stock control Mobile PDA with support for stock inventory, spare part issuing and movements between stocks Mobile and Stock control

System Features

Feature Description Require modules
Multi-level plant structure Build your asset structure with positions and maintenance objects with unlimited number of plant structure levels. Asset information
Graphical navigator Use images of your plant or your workflows to create easy navigation for your users. Asset information
Graphical dashboard Online overview of alarms, scheduled or unplanned work orders with graphical elements Asset information
Screen-designer All screens in API PRO can be designed for each user group in the system. Asset information
Tools management Keep track of where you tools are and who are using them Tools management
Document management API PRO contains a full document management system with revision control and permission management. Document management
Web-based job request Create job requests and notifications directly from your Intranet with the Job Request Portal Job request portal
Financial control Full financial control of maintenance costs with multiple financial dimensions Asset information
Budgets and forecasting Budgets and forecasting of projects and work orders Asset information
Customizable reports Use Crystal Reports to customize your own reports Asset information
Messaging Automatic generation of messages to users based on maintenance events Messaging
Analytics/Business Intelligence Full business intelligence analytics modules based on QlikView Analytics
ERP Integration Standard import/export tools and web services specially developed for integration with ERP ERP Integration Tool Box
Data import Import data from external systems Import
Data export Use the export tool for automatic scheduled export of data to external systems ERP Integration Tool Box
Industrial interface (OPC) Enable true condition based maintenance by interfacing to monitoring systems with OPC Industrial interface
Change logging Track changes made in part of the plant structure where change logging is enabled. Change logging
Permission management Flexible control of user permissions for all parts of API PRO Asset information
Flexible user management Unlimited user groups Asset information
Language support 23 languages and support multi-language data Asset information
Multiple plants Multiple legal units and multiple plants in same database Multi-plant
Multi time zone Use API PRO in different time zones Multi-plant
Multiple currencies Multiple currencies for financial transactions depending on legal unit. Multi-plant