Visual Planning

Precise planning and better utilization of resources

The Visual Planning function in API PRO provides a clear view of available personnel and displays a precise planning overview.

Online monitoring of work order progress

Optimize the utilization of the workforce and impro­ve the service le­vel with the Visual Plan­­ning function. The pro­cess is purely visual – with drag and drop you can control that work orders are delivered on time while utilizing your work­force optimally.

The efficient planning features make it easy to plan preventive and corrective work on groups or individuals in a user-friend­ly way.

To support group plan­ning a new way of grou­ping work force called “Capa­­city Group” is introduced.

  • When you have optimized the work load on the Capacity Group you can continue planning for persons, simply by “dropping” the persons on the work orders.
  • The “Week-plan” function provides a quick view of “when and where” the maintenance personnel will be working during the week. This view shows a combination of shift/working time, exceptions and capacity group for each person. visual planning overview
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The Visual Planning function introduces more new features:

  • It is now possible to “take ownership” of work orders, while planning them. This prevents that more people, by mistake, plan the same work orders at the same time.
  • “Sign on and off” work orders and have the spent time calculated automatically.

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Visual Planning on YouTube
Watch the Visual Planning tutorial on YouTube.

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